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Barnik Invest Group is more than just an investment company. From 25 years of professional experience in life science and 13 years of experience in company building, Barnik Invest Group has grown and established itself as an investment company that has unique opportunities to strengthen its portfolio companies with competence, resources, networks and capital in a way that creates long-term value and security for both Entrepreneurs and Investors.
What value does Barnik Invest Group add to Entrepreneurs?
Barnik Invest stands out by offering a 360-solution, which in addition to capital and network means access to resources of the right skills and personnel via the wholly owned subsidiary Medicorent Int. who can participate and fill the competence needs in the entire processin all phases of the company's growth journey and also provide CRO services for companies planning clinical trials. 
In addition to Medicorent, there is also the wholly owned subsidiary StartUpPharma Int. which can participate and provide access to unique commercialization solutions and distribution networks in a number of important markets such as the Nordics, Europe, Australia and the Middle East.

What value does Barnik Invest Group add to Investors?
We offer the opportunity to invest in companies that we have worked with and where we have come to a deep understanding that there is a strong potential for significant value growth over time.
We work and come into contact with many companies, but there are only a few with which we feel confident enough to both invest our own capital and to offer the investment opportunities to our investor network. We also help arrange meetings with company management and provide all relevant information to the investors who want to do their own due diligence to assess the companies' potential.


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